PowerPoint Flips Turn-key solution for creating on-line lectures

Web interface [Web/video_show.php,video_source.php,leftBot.php,smil.php]
Display the following:
  • Scraped text summary listing [below main slide trailing down?]
  • Thumbnails of  PowerPoint images
  • Bookmark option for users
  • Ideas for discussion marks on page
Web interface API's [Web/common.php] build a more robust Smil.api.  Currently need to fix the fast preview flips, with target slides. 
Alpha 0.0.1 released.  This includes the PowerPoint COM object ( ComSocketConnect), the VBA addin (combined.ppt), and the Brain (server for Linux that accepts  connections).  It does not include all the pieces for combining and publishing times, or the PHP pages, which are still indevelopment.
Currently working on pppTm, see the CVS, for extracting  times of old lectures.
Currently testing ComSocketConnet, combined.ppt and server.
5.26.03 Alpha 0.0.1 release 

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