PowerPoint Flips Turn-key solution for creating on-line lectures

Summary for Developers

Microsoft PowerPoint vba programs, if saved as a PowerPoint Add-In ppa will automatically get loaded, and will run in PowerPoint. By the way, in it, will perform the flips.

combin.ppt, calls the COM object ComAddin. I've included the .net source here, and it's better to just run this to register the COM object. By the way, you're dealing with early developed code, so I'm going to clean up, Add-In's combinedSocketLinuxScrape.ppt will be used for sending both the "scraped" text and the timing of the slides. The format for this hasn't been finished.


  • Images..when should these be extracted. Live, while the presentation is going?
  • check for ' `~ and all odd text. A very robust search and replace is needed 

  • Linux directory... this contains makesocket.c, and socketServer.c. You'll need both. See socketServer.c for notes on compiling. Change port here to match with your COM object. These will be setup, eventually, in an xml file for easier customization. Probably the highest on the TODO list of this is adding the threads to the program. It needs to be a little more robust as well.

    Real Software

    TODO for this README
    • List Firewall changes  

    • Prototype 05.02.03 but look for updates before this
    • 05.09.03 to 06.20.03 heavy beta testing
    • 08.05.03 Live launch at major university
    • 08.01.03 to 01.01.04 research on developing learning objects [BrainSquash
    Current Status [4.24.03]
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